CommunityDNS Named as Finalist for Prestigious IT Industry Award

(University of Bath Innovation Centre, UK - September 6th, 2010)

CommunityDNS has recently been selected as a finalist in the distinguished British Computer Society (BCS) and Computing magazine’s annual UK IT Industry Awards.

The finalists for the awards, which seek to ‘showcase and celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence’ across 24 categories, were released on 6 September. David Clarke, CEO of BCS, announced his congratulations to the finalists saying ‘their projects and work showcase the professionalism that exists among IT professionals and also highlights the value of IT today.’

CommunityDNS was chosen as a finalist in the Infrastructure Innovation category in recognition of their contributions to enhancing the security and performance of the global DNS infrastructure – an absolutely integral service unseen by most Internet users. CommunityDNS CEO Paul Kane expressed his excitement at being selected as a finalist, saying ‘it is a great honour and achievement to be recognised by the BCS for our innovative contributions to global Internet security and efficiency. We work very hard and take a lot of pride in what we do, so to be recognised in this way is a great feeling.’

This feeling is echoed by Robin Booth, publishing director of Computing magazine who are BCS’s partner in the awards, who said ‘the UK IT Awards are rigorously judged and to be announced as a finalist is a great achievement.’ The winners will be announced at the prestigious awards ceremony in Battersea Park on 11 November.

About CommunityDNS

With offices in the US, the UK and Japan, CommunityDNS is the global Anycast provider whose network was engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resiliency. Successfully supporting over 120 million domain names from over 97 TLDs, CommunityDNS processes 25 billion queries per day. With security integral in the network's initial design, CommunityDNS was chosen to work in a study commissioned by the EU Commission's office of the Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security regarding Internet resiliency for the European Union. Fully supporting IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, CommunityDNS provides global DNS Anycast services, fully managed DNS platform services and DNS white-labeling.

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