.TM Registry provides free DNSSEC service from CommunityDNS

Nic.TM, operators of the .TM domain name designed for trademarked brands who value their customer's "on-line" security, have extended their contract with CommunityDNS for Anycast DNS and DNSSEC signing services.

.TM is the online home of many high-profile brands including Adobe.TM, Belkin.TM, Bloomberg.TM, Cisco.TM, Credit-Suisse.TM, Swarovski.TM, Symantec.TM and Toshiba.TM.

Because .TM employs DNSSEC and is therefore able to provide much higher levels of security compared with other, larger domains such as .com or .de, these companies use the .TM domain as a secure global landing page, which can either serve the main company site under .TM or direct users to a regional TLD or a gTLD based site. A great example of this set up being used to maximise security as well individuality is employed by UPS.TM.

nic.TM, offers an ASCII and international script domain service tailored for brand conscious companies who are welcome to use .TM resellers like:

  1. ENOM ; Mark Monitor ; E-Brand Secure from North America
  2. Ascio ; Key Systems and 1API from Europe
  3. IP Mirror ; Today NIC ; Xinnet ; Net Chinese from Asia

Working with Fortune 500 customers, .TM is under heavy pressure to deliver the highest level of service, security and resilience to users around the world, particularly for such valuable brands.

In a brand conscious society the individual identities of trademarked companies are one of their most important assets and this level of responsibility requires security to match. Recognising the paramount importance of security to an organisation's brand, .TM was the first TLD signed into the root zone after the recent implementation of DNSSEC. With the help of CommunityDNS's new and free DNSSEC zone-signing tool, Security-DNS.net, .TM seamlessly accommodated the changes inherent with the implementation of DNSSEC, a great step forward for Internet security. By signing the .TM zone, customers can be assured that users are always visiting a legitimate site and that Internet pirates or hackers cannot compromise their brand. CommunityDNS's speed and capacity allows for a smooth and easy transfer transfer from an unsigned to a signed zone without any impact to performance or security.

Paul Kane, CEO of CommunityDNS, insists that "[d]esigning a DNS network with the industry's highest levels of security is the best way for us to deliver our unparalleled service operating at 100% uptime for the most discerning of customers." In response to the recent news that .TM would be renewing their contract with the company, Kane announced "We are pleased Nic.TM continues with CommunityDNS because as Nic.TM is serious about the highly visible image of its brand holders, CommunityDNS is just as serious about providing highly-secure global services which deliver the greatest levels of resilience."

Notes for journalists

  • DNSSEC is a new and enabling technology for a new range of services and applications, (yet to be developed) where there is a need for authentication of DNS data
  • DNSSEC is likely to be used by a small number of "important" operators where the remote user needs to be able to verify (DNS Data) and establish they are communicating with the intended and legitimate party.
  • DNSSEC is a "hook" on which other services can be developed.
  • DNSSEC supplements the current insecure Internet, which will continue to be used by the majority of Internet users for day-to-day communication.
  • The technical standards of DNSSEC have been developed over more than 10 years by volunteers participating in the "open to all" DNSSEC Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (www.IETF.org - RFC 4033, RFC 4034, and RFC 4035).


For information about DNSSEC for the Root Zone - please see http://www.root-dnssec.org/

About CommunityDNS

With offices in the US, the UK and Japan, CommunityDNS is the global Anycast provider whose network was engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resiliency. Successfully supporting over 120 million domain names from over 97 TLDs, CommunityDNS processes 25 billion queries per day. With security integral in the network's initial design, CommunityDNS was chosen to work in a study commissioned by the EU Commission's office of the Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security regarding Internet resiliency for the European Union. Fully supporting IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, CommunityDNS provides global DNS Anycast services, fully managed DNS platform services and DNS white-labeling.

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