CommunityDNS suspends service to

CommunityDNS asked to suspend service to old "L" Root IP space.

14th May 2008 — CommunityDNS suspends its contract with, and Anycast service to, EP.NET's IP space.

Mr Bill Manning, Director EP.NET says "Our agreement, dated 01nov2007, specifies that CommunityDNS is authorized by EP.NET to announce the prefix & provide certain other services, specifically, answering DNS queries on with data provided from the authoritative ICANN/DoC root servers... and you are asked to turn down the service for now."

Service to the old L IP address ( was popular with and average of 4500 queries per second (353 million per day) from users around the world, which will now go unanswered.

During an exchange on the IETF list existing ROOT operators (including Verisign, conducted research in this area,) and decided it is common and good practice to keep "old" Root addresses active for significant periods of time after a change, as users frequently continue to use the established address rather than update to a new address.

More about the role of a Root Server can be obtained from an interesting article published by ISOC.

The authoritative IANA/DoC Root Zone data was obtained by CommuntiyDNS from the B Root operator by arrangement with EP.NET. Before publication, the Root Zone data was also verified with data from a different Root Operator to ensure no corruption.

About CommunityDNS

With offices in the US, the UK and Japan, CommunityDNS is the global Anycast provider whose network was engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resiliency. Successfully supporting over 120 million domain names from over 97 TLDs, CommunityDNS processes 25 billion queries per day. With security integral in the network's initial design, CommunityDNS was chosen to work in a study commissioned by the EU Commission's office of the Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security regarding Internet resiliency for the European Union. Fully supporting IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, CommunityDNS provides global DNS Anycast services, fully managed DNS platform services and DNS white-labeling.

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