Covid-19 update - no disruption

Covid-19 update - no disruption

CommunityDNS is conscious that our customers, suppliers and partners may have concerns about the impact of Covid 19 on our ongoing service. Please be assured that we are working as normal, delivering our services without any interruption.

Our Data Centres and master servers in Bath, London and New York, and the Anycast node cluster around the world are fully functioning.

Our Network Operations and Customer Support staff in UK, Poland and USA are working from home with only a skeleton staff working from our data centres on a needs must basis. Where possible courier companies are being used to transfer physical hardware to specific locations and no disruption is anticipated.

In the UK we also have right to travel for essential work - which we are respecting.

As normal we are operating a 24x7 customer response service and if there is anything we can do to assist you at this difficult time, please just ask using

We remain at your service and keep safe.

The CDNS Team.